Staying caught up

Unicorn stitch marker to announce the beginning of a new round

I knew when I saw the colorways of this MKAL that I had to do it. It has been so long since I’ve done an mystery knit-along. It is exciting to knit up a something not knowing what the end result or even the next section will look like until you get started on it.

And, quite frankly, it is nice to have a project that I can work on and use as a reward for getting through the things that I have to get through. I have officially now graduated with my PhD. So, I’m doing nothing but writing papers, applying to jobs, and trying not to worry too much about the whole thing. For so long, the main goal was to just finish my dissertation and finish my degree. And, now that I’ve reached that goal, it is time to set some new bigger goals. This is something I’ve avoided talking about, partly because I don’t have many answers and so I don’t know what the narrative is, but also because I’m afraid I’ll write something, it’ll get read, and it’ll keep me from getting a job. But, I think it is important to talk about the whole process because it is so easy to feel alone in it. I have been so heartened and helped by others who have talked about finishing their degree and moving onto the next step that I feel like its my turn to pay that forward.

So, I’ve been working on a shawl. Last week I worked on a co-authored talk that my colleague is giving today in Rome and this week I’m working on a paper that we’ll hopefully have off to a journal in a month or so. Fingers crossed. And, I’m job-hunting. The hunt continues. While it continues, even when I feel like I’m spinning my wheels, I have every row of the shawl to remind myself that little things do build up into big things with work and time.

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