Ya, but does it work?

Screen shot of the forest app timer counting down

I was asked on instagram is my forest growing and pomodoros really helped me get things done and I believe that they do, so I want to tell you an anecdote from this morning.

Following a meeting, I picked up my phone to tweet something. I then scrolled through my twitter timeline. I looked at the clock and gave myself five minutes to play around on twitter.

10 minutes later, I told myself I needed to stop.

10 minutes after that I was still playing around. So, I took a deep breath and I started the forest app. Now, that only kept me off my phone–but I have standing blocks on social media on my laptop for most of the day, so blocking things on my phone immediately cuts down on my field of distractions.

Sometimes, I am okay at sitting down and working and it isn’t a problem. But, if I’m having a slow-start day or a stare-off-into-space day or I have fallen down a rabbit hole or if I really, really just don’t want to do the work that needs doing, it is nice to be able to cut the noise and narrow down my field of options. Self-control, decision making and concentration are finite resources, and I really don’t want to waste them on keeping myself on task.

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