Digital to-do list

I’ve been trying two different productivity/team management apps to manage my to-do list after I’ve done my planning for the week. As a mentioned earlier this week, I don’t like to carry my physical planner around with me, so I keep a digital backup. The two apps I’ve been working with have been trello and asana.

They both have similar features. I can invite other people to be part of my team on projects or boards, depending on the app. This can allow us to manage a list and assign tasks to specific individuals and give things due dates. I started using trello, but I found that I wasn’t keeping it up to date, so I decided to give asana a try.

Asana is my go-to for the weekly checklist because it created a “my tasks” list in which I could see, on one screen, everything that had been assigned to me and the dates that they were due. the app works on my phone so I can see that list in my home screen. It’s nice that it can be on the home screen because then I don’t have to unlock my phone and possibly mess up a tree I am growing in the forest app, which, as you know, is important to me.

Trello just introduced a new feature called the home screen which is similar to the “my tasks” list. So, I’m going to try that out for a few weeks and see how it works for me.

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