Two and a half years ago I got into weekly planning. I needed to get better at time management and I wanted to have a way to see goals and track my progress, so I found a planner that was organized around breaking jobs down and getting them done. The first year using it was a mess. Like with meditation, there was a steep learning curve and I stumbled a lot at the beginning. Last year was better and this year has been pretty good. At first I was writing down everything I thought I could get done in a week, but I’ve transitioned to setting 3 or 4 big goals for the week (that often have multi-step parts).

I then set goals for everyday. I write it all out in a physical planner, but since I don’t like to carry a planner around with me, I’ve also been keeping, or trying to keep, a digital to-do list. But, that’s difficult, too, because I’m easily distracted and electronic devices are the biggest distraction of them all. I don’t like to carry around a planner, but I do carry around a calendar in my everything notebook, so I’ve started copying the to-do list there. I set goals for every day there and I check things off my digital checklist every night.

I’ve started to realize how complicated this all is and I have been thinking about how to cut down on some of it. I am Spring Cleaning, after all.

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