10 step skin care routine

I have become one of those people with an obsessive and lengthy skin care regime. It started simply enough. I had a daily set up on habitica to moisturize and use some of the treatment products that I already bought. I mean, I had the stuff, right? So I might as well use it.

Then, as I ran out of stuff and went to replace it, I discovered some of the products I had been using (because I am kind of a skincare and makeup hoarder) were no longer being made. Or, that the stuff that had once been ideal for my skin was now too strong or not strong enough. So, I started looking for new products. I started reading some blogs and watching some youtube channels. I tried new things. I liked them or I didn’t like them. I started getting samples of things. I introduced Mud Mask Monday. I change up my dailies on once a quarter and when I’ve started changing up my skincare then, too. You have to try new things for awhile to see how you like them.

And, what started as something to do every day to use stuff I already bought started to become part of a routine for how I structured my day. Days don’t really feel like days without it. It’s become part of how I mark time.

Routines are things that can get us stuck in a rut, they can be the comfortable space that we stay in and that doesn’t allow us to grow. But, they can also create the safe zone for the parts of our lives where we are growing and doing things that make us uncomfortable.

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