Plant Based on a Budget: Week 2

This is the grocery list for week 2: Garlic, Dried Cranberries, 2 Carrots, Cheapest Non-Dairy Milk, 5 Dried Apricots, 1/2 lb Cheapest Pasta, 1/2 lb Black Beans, Cheapest Frozen Berries (I got Blueberries), 12 ct Corn Tortillas, Lemon, Small can Tomato Paste, Pack of 6ct Bullion Cubes, 1/4 lb Pinto Bean, 15 oz can Apple Sauce, 3/4 lb Garbanzo Beans, Kale, 1/4 lb Kidney Beans, 1/2 lb Green Lentils,
1/2 lb Old Fashioned Oats, 8 oz can Tomato Sauce,15 oz can diced tomatoes, 1 Cup Long Grain Rice, Red Onion, 2 Yellow Onions – .67
1/2 lb Cheapest Bulk Cereal (I got cornflakes), 4 Bananas, Green Bell Pepper, Orange

I already have garlic, cranberries, carrots, lemons, pinto beans, green lentils, old fashioned oats, long grain rice, yellow onions, and clementines. So, I’m skipping those things (and I’m subbing the orange out for a couple of clementines). I’m also going to replace the lentil soup for a butternut squash soup because I have one from volunteering at a local farm and I think it will be a tasty addition to my week.

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