WIP Wednesday: Saturday Edition

I have been sitting in on a class on Neurolinguistics and as part of the class we’ve been learning about the brain. This has inspired me to take notes for a few Seriously! The Brain! posts, so once my life has calmed down a little I will get around to drafting and posting those. But, for now: This is the left hemisphere of the brain. You can see the frontal lobe (forest (ish) green), the parietal lobe (pink), the occipital lobe (orange) and the temporal lobe (teal (ish) blue). You can also see a darker green patch that is sort of round and this is Broca’s area which has long been thought to be important for processing syntax. There is also a darker green strip next to a darker orange-pink (Salmon?) strip. These are the motor cortex and the sensory cortex, respectively.

And, that is just the left side of the brain and it isn’t even all of the details! Seriously! The Brain!

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