Some food for thought

In the past couple of weeks I’ve come across two interesting things. The first is a speech:

Bill Moyers on

and, the second in a video with some nice art:

I’ve not completely processed this, so I don’t have any comments at this time, but I think I will in the future. Until this year, I’d always made an effort to not “shop for charity” because more of your money actually gets where its going if you give straight to philanthropic organizations (and you target organizations that make an effort to keep their overhead costs low). But, starting in February with buying music for Haiti, I’ve made a few purchases from The Breast Cancer Site. But, these two things have given me some to think about in terms of charity and in terms of structure and politics.

Also, its disgustingly hot in my sister’s apartment building. Heat is part of her rent and she doesn’t have a way to control it besides opening her windows. How wasteful is that?

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