2012 Book Challenge

This year, I just want to read and review 25 books. My counter on Goodreads will show all the books I’ve read for the year and the moving goal post as I plan on raising the number as the year goes until I’ve reached my 25 reviews. Why would I need to do that, you ask? I will be including linguistics reads on Goodreads that I will not be reviewing here. I don’t care which books I read, just that they are books and I read them. I feel this will facilitate reading for fun without getting in the way by causing guilt from not reading off the list.


  1. Death and the Penguin
  2. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  3. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
  4. Atonement
  5. Pretty Little Liars Books 8 and 9
  6. Looking for Alaska
  7. Cinder
  8. The Lean
  9. Let’s Pretend this Never Happened
  10. A Life in Stitches
  11. The Vicious Deep
  12. The Engine #2 Diet
  13. Tiger’s Curse