characters in my life

Cooper is a ginger kitty who was born in the small section of woods between 990 and Chestnut Ridge Road in Amherst, NY. He caught the eye of Kate playing in the woods one day and after that they became roommates. He enjoys snoozing, finding where the treats have been hidden and helping himself, chasing shadows and playing string. Cooper’s dislikes include pate-style cat food, people he has never met before, and static cling.

Cooper Pants

Cooper Helios Baudelaire


Lily is a former Grand Champion. After leaving the show circuit, she retired to being fabulous. She was introduced to Kate through a mutual friend. Lily now lives a quiet and pensive life with Cooper and Kate. Lily enjoys chewing on things that look like the drive band on a spinning wheel, lying gracefully on couch cushions, pondering deep and complex philosophical and scientific ideas, thwapping Cooper about the head, and ham. Her dislikes include handsy humans, loud noises and thunderstorms.

Oh, look.  Another human that can't discuss String Theory with me.  How quaint.


Kate is a weird kid. She grew up in the Midwest and will always have the prairie in her heart. Her current experiment in living (and graduate school) is ongoing in Western New York where she studies how people tell each other where to go (and how to find things). Kate enjoys linguistics, cooking, reading, eating, thinking, blogging, knitting, spinning wool (and other fibers), brewing beer, listening to NPR, and nursing little crushes on Idris Elba, Guillermo del Toro, Sharlto Copley and Nick Fury (Oh her gods, Nick Fury!).  She’s not sure a “type” can be constructed out of those guys, but if it can, it is totally hers. Her dislikes include Mme. Swann and her pop culture equivalent Riley Finn (Guh. They’re the worst), stories built around vapid female characters whose sole function seems to be falling in love, okra, and having to replace the drive-band on a spinning wheel.

Weird kid