I do still like it…but do I keep it?

There’s a skirt I’ve been thinking about a lot. I bought it in 2003 near Brick Lane in White Chapel in London. It fit me wonderfully, and for me that was something. Things didn’t often fit me straight off the rack. I don’t have the kind of body people design clothes for. It was a salmon color and ruched up one side. It had a long bow. I used to wear it all the time over jeans. Jeans with skirts was kind of my jam.

Anyway, I’m not sure the skirt is really my style anymore, but I still have it. I’ve been doing a lot of going through all stuff and deciding what to give to good will and that keeps making it back into the drawer. I don’t know if I’ll every wear it again but I don’t feel like I can give it away. It’s a fine item of clothing and it brings up good memories. I’m having trouble letting it go. This makes me feel an awful lot like a hypocrite because I’ve kind of inspired/bullied/shamed some other people into going through their closets it recently. I just told my mother, who I was helping going through some clothes and decide what needed to go to Good Will, “If you aren’t going to wear that, what are you saving it for?”

But, so far, I am saving it because I like it and not because I feel bad about not wearing it more or because I think maybe one day I might want to wear it. I’m not sure if that’s a good enough reason to keep something, though.

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