To-Do Lists

I’ve talked about Habitica before, and I how I find keeping my to-do list in their app to be helpful. One of the things that’s great about Habitica is that it gives you options for how to set up the list. There are to-do’s, which are one-off, click and you’re done things. There are habits, which can have a + or a – so that you can reward yourself for both doing and not doing something. And, then there are dailies, which are tasks that recur. The recurrence needn’t be everyday. I have things that daily, weekly and monthly. You can set things up yearly. You can specify which days of the week something is done.

My Dailies on Habitca

I like to refresh and reorganize my dailies every three months or so. I’ve missed that refresh twice this year. I can tell. Not only do my dailies not really fit with my life, I’m also not really inclined to do them. They feel stale.

So, today I’m taking some time and refreshing my dailies to get them to fit my post-PhD life and goals.

Now, I just have to figure out what my goals are.

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