Gosh, where did September go?

We’re more than a third of the way into October, and I feel like I’m just coming out of a haze of calling/emailing/spending carrier pigeons to my senators and feeling absolutely paralyzed by what is happening in the world.

I haven’t finished my shawl.

My garden yet grows, but its definitely coming to an end as the weather gets colder and colder at night.

My slack for achieving goals is no place to achieve goals. It’s more a ghost town in which no one speaks to anyone ever.

But, I decorated for Halloween. So, that’s nice.

Ginger Kitty and the Spooky Eyes.

And, I got to spend some time with my sister, which was also nice. I have been avoiding a lot of things, and it wasn’t until I checked some of my to-do lists that I realized how much I had been avoiding. When I’m having trouble with anxiety, taking breaks and doing something else can be a really good way to manage my stress. When I’m feeling depressed, taking breaks from what I’m doing is the worst thing that I can do. When you have no energy, you have to spend it wisely. I imagine I am not alone in feeling both really uncomfortably amped and anxious about the world and also distressingly ineffectual at helping. But, we must try. So, I’m easing back into focusing on maintaining the structure, and building new structure, to help me work. Also, over at Stacks Exceed Life Expectancy, we’re celebrating Vampire Month. So, if you want to get your spook on, check that out.

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