Behold a Shawl

I’ve been spending my evenings knitting and watching sports (there are only about a dozen regular season baseball games left!) or netflix. It has become a really nice way to unwind my day. Especially since, as I knit, this mystery project is beginning to take shape. I don’t know what it is about mystery knit-alongs that is so fun. Maybe it is the surprise of not knowing what it is that you are working on. Or, maybe it is that the knit-alongs are social affairs (although, arguably, this one has not been for me. I haven’t posted in the ravelry thread at all, I haven’t kept up with posting about it on instagram, and I no longer have a local knitting group to share my progress with, either.)

This shawl is going to be so beautiful. I can’t wait to wear it in Deep Fall and Winter. And, Sweet Georgia Yarns has such luscious yarn. I’m really enjoying working with this tough love sock yarn.

My progress, lit by a halo of daylight

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