But now what?

Last week, I discussed a project that I have been working on that I was thinking about unraveling and starting again. As I wrote the post, I realized that was the right thing to do. It’s beautiful wool and its a beautiful pattern and I owe both of them to do them right. This has left me projectless. Do I start the same project again? But, what about everything already queued up to do this year? Including The Tullameen Mystery Knit-along by Sweet Georgia which begins next week. So, I have a week to start a project that’ll hopefully be finished by the time I start the MKAL so that it doesn’t languish on my needles while I try to keep up with the mystery piece.

Ideally, this new knit should also either involve yarn that I purchased or spun in July and a pattern I already have. Matching yarns and patterns is sometimes harder than you’d think. Plus, I’d really like to knit a shawl. But, I don’t have time to finish a shawl this week and I’ll be starting a shawl next week. So, I cycled through scarves, then hats. I finally landed on mitts.

I’ve had the pattern for Liliom Mitts since the days of the Badass Women’s Yarn Club (which, thankfully, wasn’t that long ago. Only 2016. I was worried it was 2013.) I’m using some of the yarn that I bought from the Tits Out Collective dyers. It isn’t the dk weight that the pattern calls for, but I think I can make it work. I’m making a bigger size than I normally would have. I think they’ll be a beautiful pair of mitts for fall.

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