Consistently a Day Late

I meant for this post to be a WIP Wednesday, but somehow Wednesday got away from me. I’ve picked up this old WIP that I found when I was cleaning out my storage unit at the end of June. It was exciting to find the project. I like both the pattern and the wool. The wool is natural, undyed Shetland wool that was spun into a lace weight two-ply. My friend Joy Killjoy, the ’52 Spitfire spun it for me. The pattern is Dark Passenger by Oblivious Knits.

I’m not sure about finishing this project, though. There is a hole near the top that will have to be darned, so it’ll always be a little off. And, I think I misread the pattern at some point earlier on in the project, so I don’t think when its blocked it will look quite right.

I’ve finished another repeat on it, but I’m still unsure. What would you do in this situation? Carry on or frog it and try again?

Dark Passenger by Oblvious Knits in handspun Shetland wool

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