Still in Bloom

It is very hard to share space with people. Especially when you share space with people who do not communicate the way you do. I’ve run up against the wall a few times this week trying to accommodate other people’s communication styles and other needs and feeling like I’m not getting that back in return. Mercury Retrograde, amirite? It is hard to feel like you said what you needed as clearly as possible to find out someone else wasn’t listening. Or, to say something, make note of having said it, only to be told later by the person you were speaking to, “You didn’t say that.” But, while that has been a frustration this week, I have had the comfort of sharing space with my plants and my cat Cooper. It has been a good week for working and reading outside and I’ve really enjoyed being in the open space.

Summer skies always astound me. The sky really is that blue. It blows my mind

My plants have been doing really well. We’ve gotten some rain and some heat and I think that’s doing them good. I’ve gotten more tomatoes off of my grape tomato plant and there is a new tomato coming in on one of the other tomato plants.

This tomato plant was the smallest tomato plant and the slowest to really start growing. I am so proud of its work

The cayenne pepper plant is still doing well and one of the other pepper plants is starting to fruit.

I got this pepper plant from the library. The librarian said, “Free to a good home. It’s… maybe jalapeƱo?” So, we’ll see!

The third one is starting to bloom.

Gypsy Pepper in bloom

I am happy to say that the eggplant is also flowering again. I don’t know if I’ll get another eggplant, but the blooms are still lovely to see.

I was trying to be artsy with the picture. I think I only succeeded in crowding the frame with leaves

I have my last deadline of graduate school this week; the revisions to my dissertation are due to the graduate school. It is nice to be able to spend time working on those revisions in the garden.

Cooper, supervising my work over my shoulder. Also, if we start a band, this might be our album cover

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