I Like Blending My Own Tea

Another lifetime ago, I thought I would take an introductory course on herbalism and how to be a herbalist. It was part of a series that was a training course. It was right after I had finished my Masters. I was looking for jobs and applying to PhD programs and because I can’t very well help myself when it comes to learning, I thought I’d try it out. It was something that I was interested in; I very much like plants. My then fiancé was working toward a film certification; that was his dream. He didn’t have the money for a screen-writing course. Herbalism was an interest, not a dream, so he took his course and I didn’t. I don’t regret that decision. He and I had very different upbringings and I was sure there would be another opportunity for me to explore this interest. I’d take the class another time. But, he scraped by for everything and it was nice to be able to give him that without him having to break himself trying to get the money for the class. For him, being able to pursue his dream was… well, a dream come true. I don’t think it was something he had really thought was possible. I’m not glad about a lot things about that relationship, but I am glad that I was able to give him that.

Anyway, now I’ve finished my PhD and I’m looking for jobs and thinking about what to do next. The Herbal Academy has announced its offering a mini-course on becoming a herbalist for free. It would seem that it is time.

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