Tour de Fleece: The Last Week

A puff of unspun wool, waiting on the top of the spinning wheel to be spun

I’ve slowed down in my spinning. Perhaps it is that I’ve recommitted to doing my dailies on Habitica or its that I’ve done a better job the past week getting up and getting to work. Or, maybe its that, as much as I love this creamy white undyed wool, there is a lot of it, I’m spinning it thin and it is getting boring. But, I still have probably an ounce and a half of it left to spin.

So much floof

I think the last one might be weighing on me, because I think I’m going to end the tour not trying to finish this massive bag of wool but instead switching to the goat I’ve had a plan for all along. It will also probably take forever to spin, but I’m excited about it. I also plan to spin it thin and chain ply it. I’m hoping for a fingering weight. I have no plans for it after that, but it should be fun thinking about the possibilities.

Goat wool! Gradient dyed goat woal!

The Tour de Fleece, when I first did it a few years ago, was an opportunity to get down to zero roving stash before the fiber festivals in the Fall. This year, it has served as an reintroduction to a hobby I had forgotten that I enjoyed.

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