The Other Side of Shawl Doldrums

On the other side of shawl doldrums is finishing up a bit of the wool you were using the shawl to stash bust.

The end of the Bell Star yarn from the Gilmore Girls yarn club. This shawl has been a looooong time coming

I don’t think this shawl is going to be as large as I intended, but the pattern and the colors really make me think of the summer and butterflies.

A butterfly in the kale

Knitting has been my constant companion through graduate school. It has an end when so much academic work does not. Everything can seem like successive drafts. Like, you write a dissertation. Then, you defend a dissertation. But, then before you’re done you have to revise your dissertation to account for any issues that came up at the defense. Once that is done, you have to turn your dissertation into a book or a series of papers. It can feel never ending.

Knitting, on the other hand, is usually only one draft. Sure, sometimes I have to tink back and reknit a few rows. Or, I start a project and then change my mind and frog it all. But, mostly, I pick a pattern, I pick a yarn, and each row is visible, measurable progress through the project. Because of this, knitting has been so good for my mental health.

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