First Harvest and Other Things

The first tomato

I have harvested my first tomato of the season. I was so excited about it and so happy with how big this grape tomato got! There are other tomatoes that are starting to turn red and it is very exciting. There are few things as good as a fresh, ripe tomato.

The other two tomato plants are doing well, but still haven’t flowered. I hope they do, though, so that I can be harvesting tomatoes all the way to the first hard frost.

The first chili right next to the second chili

I’ve got one chili almost ready and a second on its way. I noticed that cherries are in season at the grocery store this week and I think I am going to use these first chilies in a cherry chili jam. It has been two years since I’ve put up any jam and even longer since I’ve done a fruit and heat jam. It should be fun.

This cucumber is growing like its on a mission

I’m also really excited about how fast the first cucumber is growing. I was so surprised when I first found it and now I can’t believe I missed it. I have no plans for it, but it will still be some time before its ready. But, even more exciting, I’m sure there are one or two more cucumbers on their way. It is such a delight to go and water them every day.

A Cucumberling

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