I thought when you got older, you didn’t have to worry about acne and pores and such

I’ve been trying a few new skin products out, because I like to try new things. And, because I thought when you got older that you grew out of things like acne and enlarged pores. That was silly of me. The products I’ve been trying are all targeted to reducing pore size. It did occur to me, as I was trying these products, that I probably should have only done one pore treatment at a time. That would have made more sense, if I wanted to see how one individual thing helped my skin.


The first product I tried was Skinfood’s egg white mask. I had a sample of the egg white cleanser from ipsy, and it was amazing. I loved it. So, I was excited to try the mask. The mask does leave your face feeling smoother and maybe a little less redder (it is billed as being anti-inflammatory). I guess my pores also seem refined. I do like the mask, though, even if its not shrinking my pores.

Skinfood’s egg white pore mask

Then, I tried two products out of Skinfood’s peach sake line: the emulsion and the pore serum. They both smell so awesome. I’m in love with the smell. The pore serum is wonderful, but I can only use it as a targeted serum in my t-zone. I do think its helping shrink my pores. And, its definitely mattifying, so its great to wear during the day.

Peach Sake Pore Serum

The emulsion is a really nice weight, but its the wrong product for my skin. I have still been using it, just not on my face. It is a nice light moisturizer. (And, did I mention the smell? It is so, so lovely!)

All in all, I’m pretty happy with these face-product experiments. I’d never used an emulsion before, and I’m happy with the weight of it. It is nice and lightweight, which is what I was hoping for for the summer. I have my eye on another skinfood product that is an emulsion that I might try before the summer is out.

What is your favorite summer moisturizer?

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