Tour de Fleece: Rest Day

I started the tour with a plan for only two of the roving selections I have. And, I’m pretty excited about both of them. One of them is going to be a fractal-spun yarn and the other is going to be a gradient yarn.

Fractal-spun yarns vary the colors in a “fractal” way. So, in a three-ply, you go through the repeat of the colors exactly once in the entire thread for the first ply, two times for the second ply and three times for the third ply. I thought about doing a fractal ply with this specific colorway when I took Felicia Lo’s craftsy class when I was new to spinning. (It’s been at least five years. Maybe six.) I didn’t buy any of the roving and just set the idea aside. I was lucky to have so many good local producers of roving that I didn’t feel like I could justify ordering from someone so far away. And, then, a couple of years ago I picked up two braids of it when someone I follow on instagram destashed. So, this has been a long, long time coming.

This is from Sweet Georgia Yarns. I can’t wait to fractal spin this puppy!

I do this a lot. I have an idea, and then I talk myself out of it. Then, I get another chance at it. I get so excited about, set myself up to do it…and, then, I wait. For no good reason. Or, because halfway through the project or before I get a chance to embark on it, I get excited by something else and I set the first project aside. I’ve had down time in the past few years where I could have cleared my head with a creative project like this. But, I didn’t come back to it. So, its just been sitting there. Simmering. Waiting for its day.

And, I’m doing it again. In the post where I discussed prepping to do the Tour de Fleece, I mentioned both the gradient yarn plan and the fractal spun yarn plan. I just had to finish up what I was already in the middle of spinning. Then, in the middle of finishing that, I thought it would be pretty to ply it with some natural brown shetland wool, which, of course, would also need to be spun.

I do really like this blue (I think bluefaced leceister?) and shetland wool. This picture is from an instagram story

Its a little underplied, but I’ve already started and then frogged a hat with it. (The pattern I picked wasn’t right). But, I love how it came together. And, I have some two-ply of just the blue because I had more of the blue than I did of the brown. Then, I made a dk/worsted yarn out of a lovely bit of falkland wool. I used a plying technique that allowed me to keep the stripes separate, so this is a nice self-striping yarn. Now, I just have to find a pattern for it.

And, now I’m spinning bag of an unknown-sheep breed. I love this mystery bag and I’m excited about the creamy white color. It’s great and I have ideas for it. But, it’s not what I set out to spin.

This is from a mystery breed of sheep. It’s been a dream to spin

This should rest a bit before I ply it, so when I’m done with it maybe I’ll move onto the fractal spinning or the gradient yarn.

Or, maybe I’ll get distracted halfway through and start something completely different and unexpected.

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