In Which I Find a Hidden Vegetable

The spaghetti squash plant is trying so hard.

When we brought the plants home from the gardening store where we bought them, we made a sudden stop at a stop light and the plants pitched forward in the backseat where they were. The spaghetti squash and cucumbers fell off the seat and some of their vines broke. It was quite hard on the squash. But, I planted them in hopes that they’d be able to recover.

We’re now 6 weeks into the growing season, and while I’ve gotten a lot of blooms, they’ve all wilted and fallen off the plant and not turned into fruit. Since squash need the full growing season, this has been a little sad. I thought it might be a pollinator issue; I’ve not seen a lot of pollinators in the backyard where the plants are. But, when I went out to try hand pollination (with the help of q-tip), I found the spaghetti squash has a little beetle friend.

Hello, beetle buddy

So, now I think that maybe the trauma of the quick stop isn’t something my spaghetti squash plant can overcome. I was checking on my plants and doing a little weeding, lamenting the lack of squash and wondering if I’d get any cucumbers this season, either. That’s when I noticed, quietly growing under several large leaves, a cucumber.

my first cucumber!

I am so proud of this little guy, doing its own thing without any attention. This little cucumber was just growing, silently, while I watered and weeded and didn’t notice. It is nice to be reminded that if you just keep doing your thing, you can grow and make progress on whatever you’re working on.

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