The doldrums of shawl knitting

I’ve reached the part of shawl knitting where nothing new and exciting is happening but the shawl is not done. I love wearing shawls and I love lace knitting. There is something really soothing about doing a pattern with a repeat. But, once you get into a pattern, it is a lot of the same thing over and over again.

Those rows are getting so long

But, look at all the progress I’ve made! For the lace part I’ve been using leftovers but I didn’t really do a good job regularly switching between the leftovers. This is okay; the leftovers go well together and they add to the texture of the piece. I’m not sure I would notice if I didn’t already know that it was more than colorway.

In the progress department, earlier this week I wove the ends in from previous color swaps. So many pieces languish forever in the purgatory of the knitting being finished but the ends not being woven in. (The pussy hat I knit in January 2017 to wear to the women’s march still hasn’t had the ends woven in.)

Ooh! Speaking of weaving in ends, I finished the boneyard shawlette. Cooper did not enjoy modeling it, but he did it anyway.

Boneyard bandana on the lovely Cooper

Anyway, back to the original discussion. I’ve decided to switch colors once a week. So, in the past week, I’ve done seven repeats. I might actually finish this piece this summer! I’ll have a summer-colored shawl in time for fall.

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