Tour de Fleece: Day 1

I wanted to start off strongly, so for today I set myself a goal of finishing this lovely blue roving.

I started with 4 ounces of it awhile ago and 3 or so ounces of it have already been spun. It has been awhile since I’ve actually broken out my wheel and done some spinning. I don’t think I spun at all last winter and spring. Since most of the four ounces are already spun (there’s just what you see there left), I had a jump on it.

I had planned for it to be a two-ply. I think the plan was to then Andean ply it. This technique allows you to ply two ends of the same single together. But, this technique isn’t great with a whole lot of yarn and 4 ounces of spun single can be a lot. (It is a favorite technique of mine, though.) The video below shows how to make an Andean bracelet, which is the set-up step for the plying technique.

But, while I was spinning, I realized that I had a bobbin with some Shetland spun on it and that the last of roving is also in my to-spin queue. So, I think I might spin the rest of that Shetland and then ply the brown with the tropical sea. I think it might make a nice hat in the end.

This lighter brown at the front I have already started as a single.

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