Transitioning to only one digital to-do list

I mentioned in this post that I had been using both trello and asana. This has, essentially, doubled my work in maintaining my to-do lists. I started using trello first, and it was a good place to think through long-term goals and how to break that up into smaller pieces so that I could make progress and not feel overwhelmed. But, I had to remember to update it, I had to migrate individual to-dos to my other lists. It has become a pain. At first, it was that I didn’t really get to know all of the features. I have since learned how to watch tasks and the web interface has updated so that there is a home screen that has your due-soon tasks listed. This is a crucial element for me, but the app on my phone isn’t structured that way. So, I have decided to transition all of my long term to-do lists into Asana, the other app I have been using. I always feel bad when I stop using an app because I know people that build apps (especially ones with free features and paid features) work very hard and I feel like I’m abandoning them. Perhaps I shouldn’t get so emotionally invested in my technology. But, right now, Asana has the set of features that I need and it is set up in a way that is intuitive for me, so I will be using that app only going forward.

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