Snarkiness for a good cause

This is an organized effort of goodness, knitting and snarkiness and it makes me so happy. Countess Ablaze had a colorway called If I want exposure, I’ll get my tits out. It was a lovely, intense variegated pink and purple color. And, someone copycatted it. So, she decided that the only way to deal with copycats was to ask other dyers if they wanted to do their own version (with a part of the proceeds going to charity).

I love this idea and I am here for this kind of collaborative work.

Folks also created patterns, project bags, and stitch markers. It is an exciting page, I recommend giving it a click-through.

I had some birthday money (my birthday was last month) and so, I bought a few skeins of yarn and three patterns to go with them. (The other way around, really. I bought the patterns and then picked yarn to go with them). I am very excited about my future knitting. There are some seriously fun colors and patterns on that link, go check it out!

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