Squash Blossoms

For a few summers in Buffalo, I had a CSA and so I have developed a nice set of recipes for cooking squash. I’ve also really come to enjoy eating it. I didn’t have a lot of squash growing up, it just wasn’t something my parents cooked, so it is something I’ve only really eaten as an adult. I am very excited that my squash plant has started to blossom. I am growing spaghetti squash for the first time. I thought about also growing zucchini (and maybe if I see a zucchini plant on sale, I still might put one in very late in the game) but I thought spaghetti squash would be better in the fall.

My first squash blossom!

I also have another blossom on my eggplant and new blossoms on one of my tomato plants and my cucumber plant. Two of the pepper plants of buds and so I’m hopeful about that. There has been a lot of rain in the area recently and the plants have all really soaked up the water. The kale is getting big enough that we can start harvesting some of it.

I am really thrilled at how well the garden is looking.

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