For all the ways my phone helps, it also doesn’t help

The thing with needing help to avoid distractions is that I don’t only need them when I’m trying to work on something tedious or something that I don’t want to do, I also need it sometimes to help me focus on things I do want to be doing. Today, I tried to to do this by leaving my phone at home.

I had lunch with my parents on Friday at the Cedar Rapids BBQ roundup. My Mother, who was driving us to the festival, did not approve of me leaving the house without my phone.

My Mother: You need your phone
Me: Why? No one ever calls me. And, even when they do, I don’t like talking on the phone so I rarely answer.
My Mother: but, what if we get separated.
Me: We’ll pick a spot to meet and we’ll just meet.
My Mother: But, what if we can’t find you.
Me: It’ll be okay, I’ll turn up at the meeting time.
My Mother:…
My Mother: *turns car around*
Me: I remember a time before cell phones when we’d agree to meet a place at a time and we would go our separate ways and it was fine.
My Mother: Really
Me: Yes. We’d be at the mall and you’d say meet me at a time and a place and we’d be free to wander the mall by ourselves. I was significantly younger then, too.
My Mother: If you say so.

So, I brought my phone. But, nobody got lost. Or, had to call anyone. We did, in fact, separate and meet up at an agreed upon location. I thought about running the forest app while we were at the festival because I didn’t want the distraction of everything on my phone (email, texts, pokemon, etc). Sometimes it is just so hard to focus.

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