In which we say good bye to one of our own

Lovely Lily

When I brought Lily home in 2009, she hid under the bed. I introduced her to Cooper briefly. They crept up to each other and sniffed. One of them hissed. Then, the other one hissed. Cooper then slowly backed out of the room. I thought, “Welp, these two are certainly meant to be mine. I think that’s the politest ‘fuck you’ I’ve heard in awhile.” They came to like each other, even if they didn’t always act like it.

a debut album cover

Cooper once vomited on Lily during a ride to the vet. She wasn’t even bothered. She just gave his head a little bath and sat quietly with him. That’s what kind of cat she was. She would sit quietly with you when you needed it.

She loved a good snooze

I imagine that over the next few weeks and months, my instagram will be flooded with stories of her, as she really touched my life. She took a turn for the worst yesterday morning and we said good bye to her in the afternoon. I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with her. She was a wonderful cat.

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