Butterflies are a theme for the week

Butterfly, checking out the kale

We had a butterfly visitor to our kale over the weekend. It landed, checked out the scene.

Butterfly, trying to get comfortable

Ginger kitty got nose to nose with it, trying to make friends. It was really cute. (The butterfly was not interested in being Ginger Kitty’s friend.) This inspired me to get the nymphalidea out and knit a little on it. I have been trying, not very successfully, to put in the time to get at least one repeat done every week since I started it. This isn’t a lot of knitting because one of the sections is short rows, but lace requires you pay a small amount of attention to it. So, I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten two repeats done this week.

One more repeat on this beautiful wing

I’m really liking the pink and greens together. Since I’m using leftovers from previous projects for the pink, I’m trying to alternate between them so that there aren’t chunks of one color and then the other. This means I’ll have some ends to weave in, but that’s acceptable. One of the pinks wasn’t the weight that I thought it was, so this shawl may end up smaller than I had originally intended. It will still be beautiful, though.

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