Backyard Babies

Planting things is always exciting, but it’s followed by a period of intensity where you monitor them, hoping they’ll take to the ground. I’ve been going out in the evenings and checking on the plants. Until this past week, we hadn’t gotten a ton of rain, so I’ve been watering them. The kale, broccoli and swiss chard are under an overhang, so they’ve had to be watered every day, even when there is rain. This pleases Ginger kitty to no end, as he gets to go outside when I’m watering the plants.

I’m really happy with how the plants have taken. I have new kale leaves and baby broccolis. (You can see, in the photos, that I’ve also been sprinkling coffee grounds outside when I have them and I haven’t been super careful about how I’ve sprinkled them.)

Broccoli, doing its thing

I have blooms on my tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplant. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I this eggplant is blooming. About eight years ago, I went a couple of seasons trying to raise eggplants and this is as far as I’ve gotten. Hopefully, this season, we can move beyond the bloom. I think this plant is getting more sun than previous plants. I feel very hopeful about the whole enterprise.

One beautiful eggplant bloom

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