Cold Brew

I am a huge fan of cold brewing coffee. Before cold brewing, I had heard people talking about notes in the coffee, different flavors and smells they found, but I really didn’t get it. Maybe that was because I was buying cheap coffee or maybe it was the brewing technique, I do not know. But, I started cold brewing last year, and it changed coffee for me. I can definitely taste the difference between coffees from different regions now. (I’ve also started buying higher quality coffee. Not a coincidence, these things are related.)

I thought I had a system all worked out. I was already using a melitta pour over coffee filter, so I thought perfect. I’ll just make it in a mason jar and the get the grounds out using my regular pour over set up.

Somehow, I always managed to make a mess. The coffee grounds would either create a seal that splashed or that you had to break yourself, getting grounds all over everything. Or, I wouldn’t be paying close enough attention and I’d overfill the filter and end up with grounds in my coffee concentrate. Ridiculous. But, then it occurred to me that other people have probably already identified and solved this problem. And, they have. You can get a coffee sock, which is a reusable filter made out of cotton fabric and it should last about a year. So, now I don’t have to work out how to get the grounds out.

Now that the grounds are all in one convenient place, I am thinking its time to figure out how to use them as fertilizer. We’ll see how that experiment goes.

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