Spring Shawls

It’s going to be in the 90s this weekend, so we’ve skipped the spring and gone straight to the summer. But, even the summer sometimes has chilly nights and I am inspired to continue knitting by my newly finished mitts.

When I thought about what to start next, I decided that I wanted the project to use yarn I already had, a pattern I already had, and to be something light and fun for the season. I settled on a shawl. Back in 2016 (or 2015?) I joined the Badass Women’s Yarn Club and I was sure I knew where the yarn was in my stash. There were two shawls designed as part of the collection, and one of the yarns was a nice light linen yarn. That seemed like a good call for summer. I found it right away, but I also found a skein of yarn from a different yarn club that needed to be wound before it turned into a huge knotty mess.

I had a yarn club phase, but that is a story for another time.

So, I wound it. It’s a lovely variegated yarn of greens and browns. I decided that I would use it and some do some other stash busting. So, I picked a pattern that had a easy lace repeat. Nymphalidea is inspired by butterflies, and named after one of the largest butterfly families. It has the feel of a soft wing. What else could say Spring?

The first sections of Nymphalidea

I started it last weekend while on a little road trip. Knitting lace can be very relaxing, once you get the repeat down. The lace colors are leftovers from the hat and shawl and that I finished last year. We’ll see if they will stretch to the length the shawl calls for, or if it will end up a shawlette.

A few more repeats of Nymphalidea

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