Favorite Apps: Habitica

Sometimes, it is hard to get stuff done for yourself. Sometimes, you need to know that your actions really do have tangible effects on others. It is for those days that I keep my to-do list in the app Habitica.

Habitica is role-playing app and website for your to-do list. You create a character. You can join a party and a guild. You can go on quests and all of your roles and hit points are gotten through checking things off your list. So, if you can’t get stuff done for yourself, you can get stuff done for the party. Or, to keep your little guy from dying. I’m a level 55 rogue. Look at me, aren’t I cute?

The website has three different ways you can earn points and level 1. There are habits that you can up or down as you do them. There are dailies that you refresh everyday (and that you can set to weeklies, monthlies, etc. They are great for things you want to remember, like bills.) And, there are one-off to-dos. I put my goals for the week in the one-offs and I have dailies/weeklies/monthlies for things that I want to do regularly. As an example, my dailies include meditation and the water I want to drink every day.

The website/app helps me keep on track, even when things in my life are actively derailing me. Plus, it is sometimes fun to think about riding into battle (like, grocery shopping, for example) on a butterfly while wearing vampire armor.

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