Favorite Apps: Forest

I will admit it, I am addicted to my phone. I love twitter. I love insta. I will happily while away the hours playing games. This is a problem. I admit it. I have freedom installed on my apple products (but if you’re a freedom user, you know that it is great for keeping you off websites but not always great at keeping you off apps). So, I’ve found something that keeps me off my phone. It is called forest and it is available for both apple and android. I can set periods of time I want to be off my phone and, as long as I don’t leave the app, I grow a “tree”. It’s great. You can earn points in the app for different kinds of trees and white noise (if you like to listen to white noise while you work. And, I do.) You can also use the points towards planting a real tree, which is pretty great.

I’m working on a forest of sakura trees this week. It is a silly thing, I know, but even when I’m not excited about whatever I am currently working on, I can be excited about growing my forest. Whatever works, right?

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