Election Feels

I think, like most people, I am ready for this election to be over. I am tired of hearing about and seeing the candidates. I am tired of having the same unproductive conversations. I am ready to focus on the next challenge (which will depend entirely on who is elected).

But, of all the things that have come up this election cycle the thing that bothers me the most is people I know and trust posting articles to facebook that contain dubious information. This past week I have clicked on a lot of links only to get to another website, read a few sentences, and then google whatever the subject of the article it is to find no other information on the same topic. It is disappointing.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t posted things to facebook with obvious bias or that I haven’t read. I have. I am guilty of this behavior, too. But, I’ve decided to make a pledge to stop doing this. You can save articles now if you can’t read them now but want to read them later. So, I pledge to only post things that I have read. I also pledge to point out what I like about the article and what could be better about it.

It is time to raise the level of public discourse. The election will be over soon, a new government will be elected, and we are all going to have to learn how to work together.

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