Recipes I’ve Tried 5

It had been my plan to make macaroni and cheese. I had this recipe from Cleverly Simple. I was going to make Mac and Cheese and I was finally going to stuff peppers. I started by making rice, which I made in abundance. That was fine; I have a lot of peppers. I also have everything for a kitchen sink type casserole. So, I stuffed peppers and put them in crock pot. I used the leftover rice, leftover green beans, a leek, a pepper, some cheese and a packet of sour cream and onion chips and a made a casserole.

And, then, because they were on sale and I can’t help myself sometimes, I bought pumpkin gnocchi and instead of making macaroni and cheese I made gnocchi and cheese with leeks and broccoli.

And, after last week I want nothing more than to eat salad. Oh man, too much rich food. That being said, though, that mac and cheese recipe is pretty great and I will absolutely be making it again.

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