Recipes I’ve tried 4

It was my intention this week to make broccoli cheese soup, deconstructed stuffed pepper salad, dilly beans and pepper jam. But, the week started off poorly. I left one of the bags of groceries at the grocery store and somehow didn’t notice until two days later when I was making the broccoli soup. Two key ingredients (the onion and the evaporated milk) were both missing. But, since I had already started making the soup so I decided to wing it. I added some rice milk to it and an extra cup of broth and then a can of cream of mushroom soup. It turned out pretty good. It had a lot of broccoli in it but that is how I like my broccoli cheese soup.

The deconstructed pepper salad was supposed to go something like this: packaged mushroom and herb quinoa, chopped bell pepper, black beans, cheese, onion and garlic and corn. Somehow it ended up just being packaged mushroom and herb quinoa. Luckily, the peppers kept so I will get the stuffed peppers this next week (the filling is all prepped and ready to go into the crockpot tomorrow.

The dilly beans went exactly as planned. I used the recipe off the fresh preserving website. I added two dried chilies to the vinegar bath while I was heating it up. This made the vinegar and salt quite spicy. I had enough beans to make 5 pint and a half jars of dilly beans. The good news is I was able to give one away the night I gave them. The other good news is that I love dilly beans as a snack.

As I’m writing this, I still haven’t made the pepper jam yet but I have it in the plans for the evening. I’m sure it’ll go the way pepper jams always go. It will make the kitchen smell spicy but it will all be worth it when I’m having pepper jam and cheese sandwiches in the dead of winter.

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