Recipes I’ve tried 3

I’m back to using the crockpot. And, boy, does that feel right. Or, it felt right on Sunday morning when I made something that was half eggplant lasagna and half crockpot spaghetti. I was not into it the following morning when subbed rice for oats in this banana bread overnight oatmeal (turns out I was out of oats) and didn’t properly adjust liquids and cooking times for the rice and ended up with burnt, crusty, banana rice.


You win some, you lose some.


I also made so much of the eggplant spaghetti that between that and my regular lettuce wrap sandwiches that I take for lunch some days I didn’t have to cook everything else. The good news is the everything else I had intended to cook kept and I’ll be able to make it next week. The bad news of this is that while I was super into that eggplant casserole on Sunday, by Friday the sight of it made me want to cry. Variety is really the spice of life, people.


I’m choosing to focus on the positive, though. This next week I’m going to be getting a bunch of things that I’m going to can which means having a meal already planned and ready to go is a win for me. Most of this week’s share is peppers and green beans so it is produce is headed for storage in the form of pepper jelly, more pepper chutney (not pineapple this time, though. Maybe peach) and dilly beans. I am also getting more beets and some broccoli. I am planning on making a new beet salad (or maybe a roasted vegetable sandwich spread) and some curry that I’m going to toss the broccoli in. Broccoli might not be a traditional curry vegetable but you cook what you have.


I am so excited about the dilly beans.



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