Recipes I’ve Tried 2

This week, I foolishly tried a whole bunch of recipes that didn’t involve my slow cooker.


That was a mistake.


But, I did have a revelation because of this and I’m going to carry it forward: I get bored eating the same stuff over and over again so I should never double a recipe. Ever.


This week we got more peppers (joy of joys), beets with their greens, leeks and kale. I still had asparagus from the previous week and a small cantaloupe. So, I decided to make pork chops with leek sauce to be served with rice and asparagus (and green beans because sometimes I just can’t help myself when I’m grocery shopping), leek, bacon and swiss quiche, creamy kale and sausage soup, beet and feta salad and fruit salad.


The fruit salad was an inspired choice. I ate it with pretty much every meal until it was gone. (The last serving of it I dumped into a smoothie with some extra kale). And, the beet salad was great! I used this recipe from the Scrambled Chefs. I left out the parsley because they didn’t have it at Aldi (and I wasn’t going to make another stop just for parsley) and I substituted lime for lemon in the vinaigrette because I already had limes in the house. I will definitely make this salad again. It was delicious and stupid easy.


For the creamy kale and sausage soup, I used this recipe from diethood. I used a turkey kielbasa, which was probably a mistake. It didn’t have as much flavor as I wanted it to have. And, the soy milk didn’t stand up well to the boiling. I should have added it later. But, I’d probably make this again. In the slow cooker. And, not on the stove.

I made this quiche earlier in the summer for my parents and it was delicious. I didn’t want to make my own pie crust (especially when baking a blank shell for even a little while meant having to have my oven turned on longer than I wanted it to be on), so I went crustless. And, they didn’t have Gruyere or swiss at the Aldi (and if I wasn’t stopping for parsley, I certainly wasn’t stopping for swiss) so I used cheddar jack. I had all those beautiful beet greens, so I tossed them in as well with the leeks. That was a good call; the outcome was pretty delicious.


Which brings me to the last thing I cooked this week. I didn’t get around to making these until Wednesday, which is less than ideal. Wednesday is a long day (and I really should have been working on an abstract that was due on Friday instead of messing about in the kitchen). But, man, these pork chops were freaking delicious. I didn’t even get to the making rice or steaming asparagus and green beans. I just ate them with the fruit salad and the beet salad. I used honey mustard, pineapple sage, and a subbed in bourbon for brandy and Greek yogurt for sour cream. (I only have fruit brandy in the house for making sangria and that didn’t seem like a good call in the recipe). The substitutions were good and I would definitely make these again.


Finally, this week I put up some pineapple chutney. I didn’t have the red peppers the recipe called for, but I have my fair share and then some of hungarian peppers, so it ended up being sweet and spicy. I think I might use it next week as part of my liquid for some carnitas.


The weather has been terrible for farmers this summer, so I’m not getting the usual bounty of zucchinis and summer squashes this year. But, I’m enjoying what I’m getting. Although, next week we will be getting more peppers, so I’m going to have to get super creative so I don’t start drowning in them.


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