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In an effort to be an adult, I paid the money back in April for my very own CSA share with the lovely Porter Farms. I thought to myself, “hey! I can support a local farm! And, make sure I eat plenty of vegetables all summer and into the fall! Look at me being a good citizen and being an healthy eater!”

Eating that many vegetables in a week takes planning. You have to want it. And, since I’m finishing my dissertation and doing all manner of things to try and be better employed, both now and in the future, I don’t really have a lot of time to be spending day-to-day on food. Or, at least on thinking about it. The good news is, taking the thinking out of a thing requires planning, too. Unless you’re planning on living on frozen dinners and take out. Those things don’t require planning.

So, what I’ve been doing is waiting for the email on Thursday saying what will be in Saturday’s bag, looking at the next week’s schedule and seeing when I’ll be where so I know how many meals have to be portable and/or able to be served cold, and then I make a plan for all of those vegetables.


Last week I had the Swiss Chard and Lentil Soup, only I used my own selection of seasonings, yellow instead of red potatoes and I added a zucchini and some celery because I had those lying around. It was pretty good. It made a ton of soup. I can definitely see making it again, although I need a plan for jazzing it up in the later stages because by the time you get to day four of eating lentil soup, you no longer want to eat lentil soup.


I also made this brown sugar slow cooker chicken. It was great, although I think next time I’ll go with the recommendation of subbing in Dr. Pepper for Sprite and I think I’ll add a bit more corn starch. The sauce never did really thicken up at all. I served it with some asparagus I bought and a mash made out of potato and kohlrabi. The kohlrabi made the mash superb. I forget how much I like kohlrabi until I’m eating kohlrabi.


And, I made this cucumber caprese salad with the tomatoes from the share and some cucumbers I bought. I’m not a huge fan of cucumber. But, this with the chicken served cold was a pretty nice lunch.


Finally, I replaced the oil in a boxed brownie mix with shredded zucchini, since I had them lying around and I had that for dessert all week.

I’ve been stockpiling hot peppers for a few weeks now and I think it is the time to put up some kind of pepper chutney and then a small batch of pickled peppers with whatever is left. I’ve gotten wimpier as I’ve gotten older when it comes to eating spicy foods and one pepper is enough to last me a week. I have at least five Hungarian hot peppers in my fridge right now. I also have poblanos and cubanelles and I feel like at least one habenero. That’s a lot of heat.

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