Looking at my knitting

So, I started a project in the dark days of winter simply because I wanted something bright to look at. I started a garter trap. Everything about the project was strategic. I picked annoyingly bright yarn from my stash. It is beautiful yarn, don’t get me wrong, but it is not quiet yarn. It is yarn in colors that scream at you. And, then I picked this pattern that is so stupidly easy that it requires nothing from me but to knit. And, occasionally increase. In the end I’ll have a loud, striped, trapezoid.

It is fun. I like it. I like having easy projects to do. But, I haven’t completed a knitting project in so long that I feel itchy. Do you ever get the feeling? Itchiness from not being done with something? Well, now every time I look at the project I think, “Ugh, why am I not further along?” The answer to this is, of course, simple. I am not further along because I knit, at most, once a week. That will take it’s toll on a piece.

And, of course, it’s not the only knitted thing I have started but have not finished. There is this lovely lace piece that I only seem to work on at lace guild (and I’ve only managed to be available/in town for one meeting and the seminar this year. I didn’t get any knitting done at the meeting, but I did get to show and tell. And, at the seminar I started something else I’m not done with. It’ll be a beautiful tatted thing if/when it is done). And, there is another lovely piece dedicated to a character I loved from a book. It is the dreambird pattern. It’ll be beautiful when it is done, in a magenta, a cream and a nut brown. But, because of the short rows and the counting, I feel like I can’t stop in the middle of a feather which means I don’t want to pick it up unless I can devote the time to it.

But, I’m still stuck with the irritating feeling that I haven’t finished anything at all this year. Usually, I make about a dozen projects a year but I feel short of that in 2015. Now it is 2016 and I’m on track to make exactly zero knitted things.

With that in mind I took the Captain America craze in May as an opportunity to turn out a hat. A single hat with the Iron Man arc-reactor in intarsia. That’s it. That’s all I’ve completed so far in 2016.

I feel like I don’t even know who I am anymore. That’s not true. I’m a person who looks at their knitting before they go to bed and thinks, “Ugh. Why isn’t that finished yet?”

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