I’ve always had a bend towards what I like to call the dirty hippie lifestyle. I’ve baked my own bread, canned vegetables. I continuously brew kombucha. And, I’m obsessed with aromatherapy. But, I am also very disdainful of this lifestyle that I have a bent for because I have a healthy appreciation for science and I see a lot of anti-science and anti-understanding in the hippier parts of the internet. Or worse, when the communities I am a part of are dismissive or silencing of members who want to see a little research. I’m all for doing what works best for you and if what works best for you is knowing a little bit about the efficacy (or not) of a treatment before you try it then, I’m all for that. Even more, I don’t want snake oil salesman to be able to con people who legitimately need help because there is no one doing the research that needs to be done (or because the people doing the research are being dismissed without being heard).

That being said, without any research at all, I’ve had a tremendous amount of success dealing with stress by doing a little aromatherapy and a lot of meditating. Well, maybe not a lot of meditating, sitting still, as it turns out is incredibly effing difficult.

So, it pains me to admit when I’ve done something completely hippie and it’s worked out fine.

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