The First Rule of Yarn Club

Is that you talk about yarn.

The second rule of yarn club is that you think about yarn.

The third rule of yarn club is that obsess about yarn.


So, anticipating that this year would be a difficult year for me in PhD school, I gave myself something to look forward to. I joined a couple of yarn clubs. (One of them is the Bad Women’s Yarn Club. The other was a club run by Kate Davies. All color work and beautiful Shetland wool. Amazing.)I thought to myself, “Great! I’ll get yarn and patterns in the mail and I’ll be able to knit and look forward to knitting and everything will be wonderful!”

And, it is wonderful to get yarn and patterns in the mail. But, I’ve done almost no knitting. I periodically get out the Shetland wool just to sniff it. But, I’ve not begun any of the patterns.

It’s a little exhausting, actually.

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