Yes. That Exactly. Yes.

I had to listen to this broadcast more than once so that I could transcribe the following quote:

Someone in the name of the Hungarian government shouldn’t mention Christianity without talking about solidarity. And, that’s a sad thing because the Hungarian government is in a competition with the Far Right but has really have anything to do with the problems on the ground.

Last night I was to As it Happens which is a Canadian news show that the local NPR station carries. They interviewed a man named Viktor Szigetvári about the camera woman Petra Laszlo who was caught on camera tripping refugees (children and old men carrying children) as they ran through a field from the authorities. I was struck by the quote because it filled in a gap that I hadn’t realized was missing with so many recent discussions about religion. The gap is this:most religions call their members to serve the community and to help. This is most definitely true in Christianity. When we invoke Christianity, when we invoke religion, we should immediately follow it up with statements or practices that are in line with the tenants of the faith. Or, we should find a new argument.

The quote can be heard at the end of the piece, around the 6:00 minute mark.

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