The Never Ending Saga of Bureaucracy

I got up this morning with such lofty intentions of sitting down at 9 to transcribe data I have collected for my dissertation. (Recorded linguistic data must go through a little bit of processing before it can be analyzed. The processing often involves transcribing what people say. This is a very tedious process, in particular when you are transcribing a language you don’t speak natively.) But, before I could get started I knew there was an email I wanted to answer. After logging in and responding to that email, I noticed some other emails that were best answered ASAP. I changed my expected graduation date and that entails having to jump through some extra hoops re: deferring loans. So far I’ve talked to two offices (three times. I had to call one office twice). And, now I’ve had to email two different people (possibly from the second office? It’s not actually clear). The issue still isn’t resolved.

And, I still haven’t started transcribing.

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