The Quarter Stitch

Now that we’ve passed the Solstice and summer has officially begun I’ve been thinking about my summer knitting projects. In particular, I’ve thought about one of the new projects I am hoping to start this summer, The Exploration Station. It has been fun to think about because I bought the yarn at The Quarter Stitch. I stopped by the Quarter Stitch because I was in New Orleans on a trip with my family. A friend suggested I take a look at the Quarter Stitch. This little shop, tucked away down a street from Andrew Jackson’s statue, was totally worth the drop in. I bought two skeins of yarn imported from Wales and some handpainted yarn that is Japanese. This is going to be one international shawl.

hello, beautiful bag of yarn! thanks for being an awesome little shop, @quarter_stitch !

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This is a picture of the beautiful bag of wool I bought from the Quarter Stitch. They did such an amazing job rapping it up. I almost didn’t want to unwrap it so I could get ready to knit. I can’t wait to start this project. It is going to be so beautiful. It is wonderful to be able to knit something that reminds me a lovely time that I had with my family.

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