Summer Knitting

Summer is almost upon us and my summer projects in my professional life are in full swing. So, I decided that I need to consider my summer knitting goals. I always have things languishing on my needles. I am a confirmed startitis sufferer. Sometimes, what you want is a pattern that will be easy and you can just knit it. Boneyard is a pattern like that. But, my boneyard is in winter colors and I can’t think about winter right now. The last one was too brutal and summer just started. So, this summer I have decided to focus on two projects: finishing dreambird (or, as I like to call it My Fallen Angel).

My next summer project is going to be either a Mercury in Retrograde or Dark Passenger made with handspun from local wool spun by my friend Joy Killjoy, the ’52 Spitfire.

And, then, because my eyes are always bigger than my stomach when it comes to knitting, I plan on starting an Exploration Station.

I only expect to finish one of these (and, since that’ll be batting .333, I’m pretty happy with that.) But, I’m excited nonetheless to try and knit all the things!

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